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Hourly Vs. Flat Family Law Fees

With an hourly billing system, every time you call or email, or your attorney does anything on your case you get billed. It is easy to accumulate a massive bill in a short amount of time if the attorney is doing a lot of work on your case or you have a lot of questions. Clients face two challenging problems when using a family law attorney who bills by the hour:

  1. It is impossible to know exactly how much you are going to end up paying your attorney for your case.
  2. It can get very expensive very quickly.

Benefits of a Flat Fee System

I prefer to use a flat fee system because it encourages clients to openly communicate with their attorneys without worrying about racking up huge costs. With a flat fee system, you are charged a set amount for your case that covers it from start to finish—no surprise charges or hidden costs. There are no surprises, and you know up front the total cost of your case.

About Working With Pete D. Louden Attorney at Law

I have been practicing law a long time and know how much time it takes to handle a case properly. After discussing your case with you and learning the particular facts of it, I quote you a flat fee. Ultimately, the amount of the flat fee boils down to one thing—how much work your family law case will require to adequately represent you and give you the best shot at achieving your goals. Therefore, cases involving a small amount of work cost much less than cases requiring a significant amount of work. My goal is to help you retain your legal rights without going broke. To learn more about the benefits of our flat fees in Norman, Oklahoma City, Purcell, and Shawnee, Oklahoma, call me at (405) 217-4558 or email.

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